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How to Add Border to Video using 5 Simple Ways

Posted in Smart Tech   on  May 19, 2022 by Shoaib

No matter if you’re recording a movie, uploading a vlog, posting your own personal video on social media sites or working for the government, educational settings or any other sector that could benefit from videos, it’s important to be aware of their characteristics and therefore know how best to make them stand out! Adding borders to these videos is incredibly helpful in transforming those boring flat screens into distinctive visual representations; borders really help improve the quality of any video that is included on different platforms.

 In case you are looking for some inspiration to find the right kind of border frames and styles for your project – we just created this easy-to-follow guide which will show you exactly how to create custom borders very easily in Premiere Pro and also applied them directly to social media video content.

How to Add Border to Video Using Wondershare Filmora

1: Launch Wondershare Filmora software.

2: Import the video clip to the media library.

3: Drag the video into the Filmora Timeline.

4: Select the video file you want to add a border around.
Go to Effect Tab and Search for Border.

5: Drag the Border effect to the Filmora timeline and put it on the overlay track.

Double-click on the effect layer if you want to make some changes to your border. For example, if you want to change the border color, size, blur, and direction.

How to add a Border to a Video using VEGAS Pro

1: Run VEGAS Pro and Import your files to the media library.

2: Select the video from the timeline and click on Video FX Tab. Choose Border Preset from the menu.

3: Drag and Drop Reset to None effect. A new Video Event FX Tap Pop-up window will be open. Greg the Size slider to adjust the size of the border.

Adding White Background on Mobile using Kinemaster

1: Open the Kinemaster video App.

2: Click on the media icon and choose your video clip.

3: After Adding the video click on Layer Tab and Select the Media Browser option.

4: Then go to Image Assets and Select a white background to add a border to the video.

5: Crop the background to full screen and move it to the upper side of the video. By using this same trick you can add a bottom border as well.

6: Simply rotate the border and adjust it at the left and right sides of your video.


Adding a border to a video is a great way to add a little something extra to your video or to make it stand out. You can add a border to your videos with a simple video editing software. There are many things that you can do with a border on your videos. You can change the color of the border, choose a specific shape and size, and even add special effects to your video.

 In this blog, we have discussed five simple ways to add a border to your video. Feel free to try any of these methods and see which one you like best.

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