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80+ Blog Post Ideas for Writers to Drive More Traffic and Engage More Readers

Posted in Online Business Ideas   on  September 22, 2022 by Shoaib

Writing a book is challenging. But finding creative blog post ideas for your blog is even more challenging and time-consuming. 

You want to come up with blog topics you’re passionate about and that resonate with your target audience as well (unless you’re writing for a private blog). After all, attracting the right traffic and engaging readers is what you expect to achieve with a blog. 

And with the same goal in mind, you tried to brainstorm topic ideas for your blog but ended up in brain fog and writer’s block. 
I feel you! 

That’s why I have created this post to provide you with engaging blog post ideas for authors and information on what you can blog about to help you get started. Keep reading! 

13 Popular Blog Post Formats for Writers to Attract Your Readers’ Attention

Deciding on the format for blog posts will ease blog topics selection for writers. You can choose varying formats for your blog posts to keep things interesting for your readers and improve your organic ranking. 

Here are the most popular formats you can leverage for your blog:

How-to Posts/Tutorials: This is one of the most popular formats for two reasons. How-to posts provide educational content and they have huge potential of driving organic traffic from search engines (because most people search for such posts on the internet). How-to posts can be anything that explains the process or steps to do something, such as how to become a published writer

The List Posts or Listicle: Another most popular blog format where you share a “list” of something—such as X tips, steps, reasons, ways, or secrets to do something. Listicles can also be ‘THE BEST’ posts, such as the 7 best fiction authors of all time.

Interviews and Profiles: You don’t always have to interview other authors or novelists—though a fantastic idea to grow your network and reach. Writing a psychological thriller novel? Interview a psychologist, psychiatrist, or addict (if possible). Working on the historical fiction genre? Interview a historian, private detective, history professor, or grandma. 

Curated Links: Prepare a list of ‘articles and blog posts’ on a subject and recommend them in your blog posts. Curated lists allow you to share links to relevant resources with your readers. It’s the best choice when you don’t feel like writing a full informational post, and it also allows you to grow your network. 

Why Posts: WHY is another popular blogging format where you answer “why is” something important, “why should” I care, “why is” it popular, etc. For example, Why do authors need a blog?

What Posts: WHAT is basic, but many people want to learn the basics. Blogging on ‘what’ posts also increases your chances of winning space for Google’s ‘Featured Snippets’—provided that your content is high quality and well structured. Google “What is featured snippet” and see yourself.

Reviews: Review books, films, and authors in your genre. Good reviewers get huge respect in the industry.

Pillar Post: It’s an in-depth post that covers all aspects of a specific topic. It’s also a brilliant opportunity to link other posts or resources on your site to the pillar post, which helps optimize your internal linking strategy and keeps the reader on your site for a longer time.

Process Posts: Posts about your milestones or progress you’ve made on a specific project. 

FAQs Posts: Answer the frequently asked questions of your readers.

Quiz Posts: One of the best formats to keep your readers engaged and stay on your site for a longer time. 

News Posts: Discuss the trends or current happenings in your industry. 

Opinion posts: Share your opinion on a particular subject. 

80 Potential Blog Post Ideas for Writers

Here is our list of 80 new blog post ideas for authors to get you going. You may find some of your favorite topics in the list, so read to the end:

How-to Posts

  1. Tell how to solve a specific problem within your genre.
  2. How writers can maintain a healthy self-care routine (share your routine in the post).
  3. How do you find ideas to start writing a new book?
  4. How to reward yourself after you finish a book (share your celebration process as well).
  5. Tell how to develop characters.
  6. How do you deal with discouraging feedback?
  7. Explain the process of hiring an editor based on your experience.
  8. Tell how you overcome writer’s block
  9. Discuss how you choose the setting for your novel and what real-world places inspired your novel’s setting.
  10. Does your writing involve research? Explain your research process.
  11. How to find and order books online?
  12. How can authors network with and support each other?
  13. How to design an appealing book cover?
  14. How to get published in writing magazines?
  15. How to find an editor?
  16. How to find and convince a publisher?
  17. How to pitch a publisher?
  18. How to self-publish a book?
  19. The process of a book launch. Share your experience, what to do and what to avoid.
  20. Share how to keep the writing process (storyline, characters, settings, etc.) organized. Discuss your process.


  1. A list of writing advice you’ve been given. What was the best and the worst?
  2. List popular bookish holiday traditions.
  3. List your favorite books and why you like them.
  4. List popular writing myths.
  5. A playlist of your favorite music that you listen to when writing.
  6. List your favorite writing apps and how they’re helpful.
  7. List your favorite books.
  8. A list of your favorite writing places (coffee shop, home office, library, etc.) and why.
  9. A list of your favorite authors.
  10. A post about humorous bookish memes your audience can relate to.
    Your reading list for the year and why you have selected these books.
  11. A list of various jobs writers can do and how to find them.
  12. List of helpful genre infographics and how to find/design them.
  13. A list of your favorite indie authors.
  14. A post about a list of cozy reading nooks (with pictures).
  15. A list of appealing bookshelves with pictures.
  16. A list of book-related gift ideas with pictures.
  17. Posts about a list of books that would make a great present for Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions.
  18. List books that changed your life or way of thinking.
  19. A list of books that made you cry.
  20. A list of popular book genres.

Interviews and Profiles 

  1. Interview your readers/fans.
  2. Interview people related to characters of your novels or books.
  3. If your novel is based on a real story, interview the real person.
  4. Interview and feature a specialist who helped you through the process of writing.
  5. Interview famous people in your industry (publishers, editors, agents, etc.)
  6. Interview your local librarian.
  7. Interview people related to the characters/genre of your book.
  8. Feature your book cover designer.
  9. Feature your illustrator.
  10. Spotlight your editor and publisher.
  11. Feature your favorite charity.
  12. Feature your favorite bookstore.
  13. Feature your favorite coffee shop.


  1. Review books within your genre.
  2. Review the author who has influenced your writing.
  3. Review places that inspire you to write.
  4. Review your top 10 favorite books and why you like them.
  5. Review TV shows or films that are related to your genre.
  6. Review a series or movie that’s based on a novel.
  7. Share your thoughts on the hot topics happening within your industry.

Curated Content 

  1. Create a list of novels or books you’re currently reading.
  2. List the blogs of your favorite authors.
  3. Curate a list of your favorite writing quotes.
  4. Create and link a list of famous books in your genre.
  5. List your favorite podcasts or podcasts within your genre. 

Posts about Yourself and Your Book

  1. Explain what inspired you to write the book.
  2. Share how you selected your main character.
  3. Tell your readers what inspired you to start writing this piece.
  4. Discuss a subtopic of your book.
  5. Discuss the complex themes or messages in your story.
  6. Share your character’s unique habits.
  7. If you have published more than one book, then talk about the difference between the two (difference in styles, settings, character development, etc.)
  8. Share what you’ve learned from your experience and failures.
  9. Share your fears as a writer and how to overcome them.
  10. Share your strengths and how they help your writing process.
  11. Write about your hobby or things you’re passionate about.
  12. Share your characters’ back story.
  13. Post news about your upcoming book.
  14. What is an ideal writing routine (and what is your writing routine)?
  15. What is the process of becoming a part of your launching funnel?
  16. What works or doesn’t in writing within your genre?

How to Choose the Topics for Your Blog

So now you have this long list of creative blog post ideas, but you can’t blog about every topic when you're just starting. And you may end up wondering, “how do I choose a topic for my blog?” Let us help you!

Here are five simple steps to choose a topic for your blog: 

  • Create a list of the top ten potential topics
  • For each topic, come up with three to five attractive blog post titles
  • Eliminate the titles you’re not passionate about
  • Work on the remaining topics, and that’s it! 

Should You Only Blog About Your Genre?

Though it’s ideal to blog about your genre, industry, or novel, it’s not compulsory. The main purpose of blogging is to grow your reach and sharpen your writing skills, and you can achieve this with any subject. 
What subjects? 

Anything you’re passionate about—maybe it’s gardening, lifestyle, sports, tech, you name it. You can blog about the couch you’re sitting on, your beautiful interior, your self-care routine, or your healthy lifestyle secrets. 

Some popular blogging niches or topics you can write about for your blog are: 

  • Food and drink
  • Home Improvement
  • Finance
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Lifestyle and Self-development
  • Health and Fitness
  • Parenting
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Pets and Animals
  • Art and DIY 

Do you have a blog? Share with us in the comments and we’ll check it out. And you can ask any questions about blogging for writers in the comments as well, we’ll be happy to answer them! 

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