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At the Helm Meaning in Urdu

Posted in   on  February 22, 2024 by Shoaib

At the Helm Meaning in Urdu

This post will cover the meaning of the famous business English idiom and phrasal verb At the Helm.

Urdu Meaning of At the Helm

  1. قدرت، اختیار۔
  2. ایسی صورت جس میں آپ کا کسی چیز،خاص طور پر کسی ادارے یا کمپنی پر مکمل اختیار ہو۔ اور وہ آپ کی زیر نگرانی آپ کی ہدایات پر چل رہی ہو۔
  3. کسی سر گرمی کی ہدایت دینا۔

English Meaning of At the Helm

i) in charge (also "take the helm").

ii) in control / in charge / in command

iii) officially controlling an organization or company.

iv) in a position of leadership or control.

Sentences and Examples

i) We need someone new at the helm at he the depertment of Eduction.

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