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How to Write Urdu in Canva With Urdu Fonts

Posted in Custom Urdu Fonts   on  August 3, 2022 by Shoaib

Do you want to create smart designs with just a click of the mouse? Then Canva is the only illustration software you need. An intuitive graphic application that handles your designs from start to finish. This is the right software that increases productivity.

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Are you looking to use 500 Urdu Fonts in Canva Pro? Or perhaps you may want to use customs fonts you have just discovered?

An advertising study showed that your text composition sells your story. This is why we created an ENTIRE article ON TYPOGRAPHY AND custom URDU FONTS in Canva Pro…to get you off and running with text that looks as good as your graphics.

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Design URDU thumbnails in CANVA without INPAGE

Do you want to apply the text to T-shirt design, advertising, website creation youtube thumbnails, or anything else you can possibly place Urdu text on?

What do you need to write Urdu in Canva Pro?

The first thing you need to download free Urdu fonts that will help you to create awesome designs. Urdunigaar is one of the best source to download Urdu and Arabic Fonts. You can find almost 500+ font collections in different styles i.e. Bold fonts, headings fonts, and stylish Fonts.

Best Urdu Font for Canva

Here is the list of some top-rated Urdu fonts which you can download and install in Canva Pro.

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Jameel Noori Nastaleeq Font For Canva

Mehr Nastaliq Web Regular

Mehr Nastaliq Web Regular best urdu font for canva

AA Sameer Sagar Nastaleeq Free Download in Canva

Downloading Urdu keyboard For Canva

The second tool we need is an Urdu keyboard that will help you to type Urdu in Canva Canvas. Urdu Pak installer is all in one tool with a phonetic keyboard layout that allows you to write Urdu anywhere you want.

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Pak urdu installer download link

Start Writing Urdu in Canva Pro

After having all the necessary tools let’s see how can we type Urdu in Canva pro.

1: Select the Brand option on the left side of the Canva Dashboard under the tool menu.

exploring canva brand option to add fonts

2: Then go to the Brand Fonts option to upload custom fonts in Canva. You can upload fonts in TTF, WOFF, and OTF Formats.

adding custom fonts in Canva pro using brand kit option

3: Next, create a new design of your need in Canva.

4: As we are going to type Urdu, so please make sure to select the Urdu keyboard at the bottom right corner of your Windows screen. (As in this tutorial we are using Windows 10.

selecting an urdu keybord form Windows 10

5: Select your Text Box and Go to Canva Fonts list. Choose any of your uploaded fonts from the menu.

Final Thoughts

Adding your favorite Urdu fonts in Canva Pro is not a tedious process after reading this simple easy-to-follow guide.

We know how awesome is to present your brand awareness using your own language with Graphic objects. That’s why Urduniaar is here to help you because we want to spread this beautiful language in every corner of this World.

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