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Top 5 Photo Editor App with Custom Font Compatibility

Posted in Smart Tech   on  July 14, 2022 by Shoaib

Typography is one of the main factors in making your content more readable and is also an impacting sign for your presentation. Custom Fonts make you stand out from other sites, apps, and software with custom font compatibility.

Let’s suppose that surfing the internet cause you to become interested in some Fonts that you will really want to use in your projects.

The Good News: After searching the font from the image or any webpage by using the inspect tool as we developers often do, we finally found everything we needed.

The Bad News: Most of the time many people get stuck and they don’t know how to use and install beautiful fonts they have just discovered into their favorite Application.

Here, we will provide you the list of Top 5 photo editor Apps with custom font compatibility and a brief introduction on what they are used for. We will also provide you with a short summary of each app itself. So let’s dive into it.

Canva With Custom Font

Do you want to make social media posts, edit your personal photos, and edit graphics for your company without knowing any technical stuff about Graphic designing? Canva is the online platform that makes designing anything easy, for every individual and team.

Canva Pro has a huge collection of awesome fonts in the repository and its all other features are fantastic value for money.

But what if you want to use your own custom fonts or you might have a different language other than English, like Urdu or Arabic. Thankfully Canva Pro has a great Brand Fonts feature that will allow you to use your own fonts.

How To Add Custom Font To Canva:

There are a few simple steps to adding a custom font in canva.

1: Download A Font

First of all, you need to download a font file if don’t already have one. There are a lot of platforms that provide custom fonts like dafont, fontsquirrel, etc. These platforms provide a wide variety of commercial license fonts. To find the best font for your projects use these platforms. If you already have the font file in the system you can skip this step.

2: Click On “Brand Kit”

Now login to your Canva account. Go to the main dashboard where you have to click on “ Go to Brand Kit” which is located on the left-hand side menu.

Go to Brand Kit option where you find differnt canva cool features

3: Click On “Brand Kit”

Scroll down and find the ‘ Brand Font’ option. Linked to the ‘ Brand fonts’  option click on the  ‘Upload Font’ Button.

Important Note:  These only accepted Open type font(OTF) True type font (TTF) and web open font format (WOFF).

Adding Custom Font in Canva Photo Edidor App

4: Now Select “Text Box”

After uploading the Font, go to your Project and click on “Text Box “ from left side menu. Select a Tax or use Canva premade Fonts and open the Font list. Your uploaded font will be display at the top of the font list for your use.

It is very simple and easy process to adding custom Fonts in Canva. By following the above steps you can add any Font you want and create wonderful Projects. So follow these steps and start experimenting with different fonts today.

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Pixlr With Custom Fonts

Pixlr has a range of effect packs to give your image the look and feel you want. A free and easy photo editor with over 2 million combinations of free effects, overlays, and filters.

Pixlr also helps users to upload custom fonts and help them to use their own font style. We talk about the steps including adding custom fonts in Pixlr. So let’s get started.

 Pixlr supports only TTF, PFP, OTP, and TEF type fonts so always use these types of fonts for pixlr.

1: Touch the Text panel and click on “Add Text”

Adding text in pixlr Photo Editor App

2: Click on “Fonts”.

3: Scroll Down and search “Add local Font” when you find click on it.

Adding Custom Fonts in Pixlr

4: Select the Font you have decided to use from your device.
5: You can immediately find your custom font on the top of the font list.
6: If this doesn’t work, you can drop-and-drag the font file.

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In conclusion, adding custom fonts to Pixlr is a very easy process that can be completed in a few simple steps. By following the guide above, you can add any font you want to your designs and create beautiful and unique projects. So what are you waiting for? Start experimenting with different fonts today!

How To Add Custom Fonts In BeFunky

Selecting the best Font is the first step to making your graphics stand out. A great Font can make grate project. While BeFunky provides the freedom to add your own font that may not currently be available in the font library. Follow along with this.

Step 1: Click on “+” Button

Click on “+” button under the chose a font menu that will allow you to add Font easily.
When you click on it you will see the manage your Font menu along with the two options to Add Font From your Device and Import Google Fonts and manage your new addition in one convenient place.

Step 2: Add Google Font:

For using thousands of Google Fonts click the import from Google Fonts Button. Then you choose Fonts according to your choice. Since there are so many Google Fonts to choose from, you can use the Search bar to find a font by name or select any filters to narrow your results. You can filter Google Fonts by Categories (serif, sans serif, etc.), Thickness (or font-weight), and even Language

Click on View Your Fonts to see the Google Fonts added to your library. Notice that any Google Font you add will automatically include all of the available font weights, so you don’t have to check each font-weight one by one.

Add Fonts From your Device in BeFunky

In the same manners Manage Your Fonts menu you will find the option to add Font From your Device. Then you can Drag and drop any Font file from your Device. In this way you can use the font file that is in your personal device.

Favorite Your Font

When your font has been added successfully it will be mixed into your font library in BeFunky. To create your favorite fonts list for quick access click on the star outline next to any font name. It will instantly be added as a favorite.

With access to our curated font library, Google Fonts, and your own downloaded local font files, you truly have endless possibilities when it comes to working with text in your projects! BeFunky’s font manager has no limit on how many favorites you can choose, or how many fonts are added to the library. The ability to drag and drop fonts directly into the BeFunky platform is unheard of in other creative platforms, so consider us your secret weapon for adding text to photos and designing the way you want!

Custom Font With Picsart

There is no doubt about that the fonts can change the appearance of your project. Fonts also provide a watermark for the future. So, If you are looking to add a custom font In Pics Art we are here to help. So let’s get started.

Do some research to find the best font for your project. Once you find your favorite font downloads it to your mobile phone using a third-party site.

Open the pics Art app and click on the purple plus sign that is at the bottom of the screen. That will allow you to start a new project.

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Scroll to the bottom of the screen and find the “Font” option. Next click on the arrow you see on the left side to pull up from the font library.


Finding the Picsart font library

Next At the bottom of the screen, you will see a heart icon with “My Fonts” written on it. To open the downloaded font, library click on it. You will see the option to add your personal font list.

Adding custom fonts in picsart

That’s it! This is the way to add custom font in Pics Art App successfully. Use these Fonts for your Future projects.

In conclusion, adding custom fonts to Pics Art is a very simple and easy procedure. That can include a few simple steps. By following these simple steps you can add as many fonts as you want to your projects and make projects interesting. So what are you waiting for? Start experimenting with different fonts today!

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