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Download Quranic Font | Quran Standard Font | Islamic Fonts

Posted in   Arabic Fonts   on  August 12, 2021 by admin      

Download Quranic Font

Quranic Font. Muhammadi Quranic Font Free Download. Quranic Font Free Download. Al Majeed Quranic Font.Quranic Font TTF. Quranic Font For MS Word.
Quranic Font For Inpage. Al Qalam Quran Majeed font free download. Quran Standard font. Quran Tajweed font. Quran Indo Pak font – free download. Quran in Pakistan font.Quran Kareem font. Islamic fonts free download.

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Quranic Fonts Pack TTF

Do you want ant to download Arabic fonts that you can use in your Quranic Projects, like in your Quran recitation Videos for your Youtube channel and in your web-based article if you want to quote Quranic verses in Arabic Standard style?
Use these Arabic Fonts to look your project professional and appealing.

1: Al Qalam Quran Majeed font

Al Qalam Quran Majeed Font

2: AL Mushaf Arabic Font

Al Mushaf Arabic Font Free Download

7: Neirizi Quran Arabic Calligraphy Font

Neirizi Quran Font TTF and Zip Free Download

8: Hafs Arabic & Quran Font

Hafs Arabic & Quran Font free download for Quran app Users

9: Arabic Poetry Medium TTF

Arabic Poetry Medium TTF Font

10: Foda Stylish Arabic TTF

Foda Stylish Arabic Font in TTF ismaic and Arabic quran font free to download

10: Me Quran TTF Font

Me Arabic & Quran Font

11: Deco Type Quran Font

Deco Type Quran Font

300 Arabic Fonts Free Download

Download more than 300 most popular Arabic fonts for free now. You can use these fonts in famous app like 

  1. MS Word
  2. Photoshop
  3. Powerpoint
  4. CorelDRAW

Download New Free Arabic and Quranic fonts those you can use in Canva app to edit your Islamic designs.

(A) Arslan Wessam A Arabic Font Download

(A) Arslan Wessam B Arabic Font

Janna LT Bold

Bismillah Font Pack TTF

500 + Arabic Symbol Calligraphy Font FREE Download

Urdunigaar provides 500 Lafadz Arabic Symbol Calligraphy Fonts that you can use in your favorite apps you like the most. Download Our Arabic Calligraphy Symbols fonts and make your social media designs stand out.

Arabic Symbol Calligraphy Font top 10 symbols

If you have any problems. Please let us know. It will be a great pleasure to help you.
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  1. With the many Arabic fonts available on the web, I thank you very much. We hope we can take advantage of this availability and we hope you are blessed too

  2. Great Work. This Helped Me Very Much. I've Made Many Videos Using These Fonts. You Can Find Those Videos On Instagram @zakiulhassan_143

  3. Jazakallahu Khairan lakum, masha Allah al Quranic fonts what I m looking for long time. Faster & easier download. Browse new fonts also easy.

  4. ماشاءاللہ عربی اور اردو کے بہترین فاونٹ ہیں ایڈمن کو سلام ہے جس کی محنت سے یہ میسر ہوئے مجھے

  5. Aslam o alaikum
    Mashallah … Allah pak apko ajr Azeem ataa frmaye. Ameen
    I hope Meri ik problem hy wo AP solve kr dengy .
    Kfgqpc hafs font Mn dot aa jaty hn .. ibarat Sahi nhi likhi jati

  6. Amazing website ll May you continue to make Islam easy for us. May you be given a long life to work for the religion.

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