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100 Exercises For Home Gym Home Workout 2021 PDF

Posted in Guide   on  November 7, 2021 by Shoaib

100 Exercises For Home Gym Home Workout 2021 PDF

There are over 100 different exercises included in this guide. Home gym offers to utilize your own body weight for resistance training, eliminating the need for free weights. Provides an entire gym full in just one machine. It is great for anyone trying to lose weight and stay in shape. For workout takes 10-20 minutes a day to reshape your body. Exercises make for anyone who wants to build muscle, burn fat, see weight loss and increase overall fitness.

Premium gym

You never have to worry if you are getting everything you need or want. No confusion, just one incredible gym.

Strength Training:

With up to 440lbs of dynamic body weight resistance and built-in resistance the Gym is ideal for strength training – regardless of how strong you currently are or will be in the future.


All gyms include a complete Pilates Kit and Detailed Pilates Instructions. This is ideal for strengthening and elongating muscles, reshaping your body and losing weight.

Core Training:

Your core includes your stomach muscles and accompanying back muscles. These muscles are used in everything you do from sitting, standing and walking, to playing sports. The Gym makes strengthening your core muscles easy and fun.

Cardiovascular Fitness:

Not only is the Gym ideal for muscle training but offers multiple cardiovascular options to get your heart pumping and help you reshape and lose weight.

Weight Loss:

The key to losing weight and more importantly keeping it off is adding muscle. Lean muscle mass will enable your body to burn more calories at rest. By using the Gym to add muscle while at the same time adding some of the Cardio exercises your body will turn into a fat burning machine.

Body Building:

The key to building muscle and reshaping your body is progressive resistance. Put simply you have to continually push and challenge your muscles in order to force them to grow. With up to 440lbs of dynamic body resistance and built-in resistance the Gym is the ideal tool for even the most experienced fitness enthusiasts.

Book Details
Name: 100 Exercises For Home Gym Home Workout 2021
Author: Khelen Nicole
Language: English
Publisher: n/a
Publish Date: 2021

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