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How to Use and Download Easy QR Code & Bar Code Scanner

Posted in Guide   on  October 12, 2022 by Shoaib

Easy QR Code & Barcode Scanner

The best app for scanning barcodes and QR codes is Easy QR Code & Barcode Scanner. This professional QR codes reader, QR code scanner & barcode scanner tool swiftly scans practically all types of QR code scanner and barcode, QRcode.reader, including text, URLs, ISBNs, contacts, calendars, and emails.

Easy QR code & barcode Scanner application is the quickest, safest, and most cost-effective instruments. It is a barcode scanner, code reader, barcode generator, and QR code generator all in one. It is a QRcode.reader and code-barres app. Easy QR code & barcode scanner application is really simple to use; with rapid scan built in, just point the free QR code scanner app at the barcode or QR you wish to scan, and the QR scanner will begin scanning it immediately. It is a QRcode.reader application & we can use it also as QR code reader.

As the barcode reader operates automatically, there is no need to touch any buttons, snap images, or change the zoom. In your pocket, there is a QR code generator and barcode scanner. It's quite simple to use a QR code generator; just enter the information you want on the Easy QR code & Bar code scanner reader press the button to produce QR codes.

Important Features of Easy QR Code & Bar Code Scanner:

  • Be able to read or scan every sort of standard 1D and 2D coding (including almost all QR code and barcode)
  • Read or scan barcodes or QR codes from photos;
  • A history of QR code or barcode generator.


Open URLs, connect to Wi-Fi hotspots, add events to the calendar, browse V-Cards, and learn about product and pricing details, and so on.


Use Chrome Custom Tabs in conjunction with Google Safe Browsing technology to protect yourself from malicious URLs while enjoying quicker loading speeds.


Scan an image without providing your device storage access. Even exchange contact information as a QR code without exposing your address book!


Detect codes within image files or directly using the camera.


Turn on the flashlight for accurate scan in poorly lit situations. You may also use pinch-to-zoom to read QR. code from a long distance.


By displaying random data, such as website URLs, on your screen as a QR. code and scanner it with another device, you may share it with others.


Add unique websites to the barcode search to obtain relevant information (i.e. your favorite shopping website).

How to Apply:

  1. Scan the QR code/barcode using your camera.
  2. Automatic recognition, scanning, and decoding
  3. Obtain outcomes and appropriate alternatives


Manage and export limitless history (as CSV file). Import it into Excel or store it to a cloud service like Google Drive. Annotate your scans to keep track of goods inventory or to perform quality assurance in your small business!

Enjoy one of the finest QR code reader application for Android 6.0 or above smartphones and tablets.

Supported QR code & Barcode:

  • Website links (URL)
  • Contact data (Me Card, vCard, vcf)
  • Calendar events
  • Wi-Fi hotspot access information
  • Geo locations
  • Phone call information
  • Email, SMS and MATMSG

Two-dimensional code and barcodes:

  • Code bar; item numbers (EAN, UPC, JAN, GTIN, ISBN);
  • Code 39, Code 93, and Code 128; Interleaved 2 of 5; (ITF)
  • PDF417
  • Data Bar GS1 (RSS-14)
  • Data Matrix; Aztec Code

In the United States and other countries, QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED. Download our free QR code scanner QR. code & barcode scanner app to start scanning barcodes and QR codes immediately. QR codes and barcodes are ubiquitous. What makes you hesitant? Get the app as soon as possible!

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