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Trick Yourself To Sleep- 222 Ways To Fall And Stay Asleep

Posted in Guide   on  November 5, 2021 by Shoaib

222 Ways to a Better Night and Brighter Morning PDF FREE

Poor sleep can wreak havoc on your waking life, leaving you grumpy and unwell. But when you’re staring at the ceiling, counting sheep, worried that sleep may never come . . . what can you do? Well, Trick Yourself to Sleep—with 222 simple strategies and creative tips, all scientifically backed:

  • Cover up clocks (stop stressing over every restless minute)
  • Eat two kiwis (their folates and antioxidants aid sleep)
  • Stick out your tongue (this releases tension in the jaw)
  • Try a weighted blanket (it’s like giving your nervous system a hug)
  • Make a list (and then set those to-dos aside until tomorrow)!

This must-have guide for even the occasional insomniac will help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up your best self.

222 Ways To Fall And Stay Asleep – Trick Yourself To Sleep

Lack of sleep is also bad for your health. Research consistently shows that people who sleep soundly for seven to eight hours at a time have the lowest risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, and obesity, and also mount better immune responses against infection.

Adequate sleep may even help you live longer if a study that followed twenty-one thousand sets of twins for over twenty-two years is to be believed. According to the results, those who achieved the magic seven to eight hours sleep per night lived longer than those who habitually slept for shorter or longer periods.

If sleep eludes you, sleeping pills are not the answer. Instead, follow the advice in this fabulous book and tackle your sleep problems naturally using diet, lifestyle, cognitive, mindful, and other alternative approaches. You’ll be glad to know that doesn’t include the proverbial counting of sheep — far too boring an exercise to distract you from your genuine worries.

I can guarantee you will find numerous sleep-inducing suggestions you’ve never encountered before, at least one of which is bound to work for you.

Book Details
Name: Trick Yourself To Sleep
Author: Kim Jones
Language: English
Publisher: The Experiment
Publish Date: Apr 2020

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